Home Inspections

A house of any kind, single family, townhouse, condo, etc. has many systems that make it a comfortable place to live. There are state government laws, rules and building standards that govern the methods and materials used to build it inside and out. Beyond that, there are frequently homeowner association rules & standards and zoning laws that also must be followed.

By ordering and purchasing a home inspection you will be a more informed buyer than if you just relied on your own expertise. Many of the problems and potential problems that may exist in the home can be identified. Most of the time, there are only a small list of minor issues that the seller will typically agree to correct before settlement. You should also inspect new home construction, as well, for construction defects and omissions. These are corrected on a “punch-out” list by the builder.

Make sure you are buying a sound investment.

  • Identify potential problems
  • Protect your valuable investment
  • Eliminate unwanted Liability
  • Identify potential health hazards

You should be involved with the process of home inspection. It will re-confirm your decision to purchase the home in the first place and you will better understand the inner working of the home itself. Feel free to ask the home inspection questions, he is there working for you. The inspector is a professional and can answer most of your questions on the spot. If he/she runs into a problem or question they cannot answer immediately, they have the information source to find the correct answer for you. You can contact them after the insppection if you have any other questions.

A short list of things that can be inspected and tested.

Structural Radon Heating & AC
Roof Mold Plumbing
Exterior / Interior Asbestos Electrical System
Foundation Lead Based Paint Major Appliances

Many more items can be inspected and reported on as required or ordered.

Some of these include septic systems, wells, pools, spas, hot tubs, water quality, irrigation systems, Synthetic stucco (EIFS), termite damage, etc.

You may also consider getting a Homeowners Warranty, which is insurance against breakdowns, mechanical and structural problems that occur during the covered period (usually the first year – it may be extended) and are not found. There is a per trade deductible and not all services are covered 100%.

For complete details, please request more information on this professional service, I will be happy to provide additional information and put you in contact with professional home inspection specialists and give you information on Homeowners Warranties.


Buying a new Home? Why do I need a Home Inspection?

“I am buying a new home, so why have it inspected?” Even though it is new construction, there are many things that builders can overlook. An independent home inspection specialist reconfirms that it was built to code and was built correctly to your specifications. It gives you piece of mind knowing everything was put together correctly. You want your new home perfect before you move in, don’t you?

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