1-2 Weeks Before

The time to move is getting close, everyone is excited! Reinforce the positive things about the move. Keep the mood light, play music, get snacks and drinks and keep them handy.

Talk to your youngest kids to ensure that they are okay, moving to a new home is a confusing time for them. Don’t forget the older kids, they have established friends that they don’t want to leave behind. Remind them that they can email them, phone them, write to them, and possibly visit them sometime.

  • Give or throw away anything not wanted or needed and not sold at a moving sale.
  • Request packing boxes from the movers for items you want to pack yourself.
  • Service the cars and change the oil if driving long distance.
  • Return borrowed items to neighbors.
  • Get loaned items back from neighbors.
  • Return library books & movie rentals.
  • Cancel Library cards, if moving out of the area.
  • Pick up any items at dry cleaner, Laundry or other repair service providers.
  • Cancel any unnecessary insurance by the required date & obtain coverage on new home
  • Transfer bank accounts.
  • Get Change of Address cards at Post Office
  • Don’t forget the DMV and Voter’s Registration!
  • Register your children at their new schools

Be sure to distribute the necessary tasks so no one person gets overloaded. Split responsibilities, but follow up to ensure that all the required things are accomplished.

  • Pack a travel kit for critical items like medicines, passports, IDs, cell phones, personal care items, contact numbers, first aid kit, snacks & drinks and games for the kids.
  • Arrange for babysitting for younger kids on “Moving Day”
  • Empty any secret hiding places
  • Make sure animals are up-to-date on shots as required by new government.
  • Close out safety-deposit box.
  • Settle any bills incurred on old property not paid at settlement.
  • Drain all oil / gas out of motorized equipment.
  • Give away plants not to be moved
  • Give away animals not to be moved – i.e. aquarium/pond fish.
  • Confirm all travel arrangements.
  • Contact new utility companies and verify start dates.
  • Arrange for someone to watch pets on moving day.
  • If any pest control is to be done, remove pets from home for several days.