3-4 Weeks Before

As the moving date gets closer, most of your items should be packed and labeled. Notices and transfers should be confirmed and utilities confirmed to ensure everything is functioning when you arrive.

  • Notify transfer of utilities at old house
  • Investigate child care services in your new area, if required.
  • Request partial month refund / payment if applicable.
  • Request security deposit refund / payment ASAP, if renting
  • Get packing materials and pack remaining items
  • Arrange for house cleaning/carpet & floor cleaning after your personal items are out
  • Arrange for transportation of pets and plants as required.
  • Check with insurance agent to see how items are covered during move.
  • Get additional insurance for move as required.
  • Arrange for temporary housing, if necessary
  • Get any town/community permits required.
  • Hold your yard sale
  • If you have large personal items, such as boats, trailers, commercial trucks find out where you can keep them. Some neighborhoods have Homeowner Association Regulations about such items visibility.

After the yard sale, make sure that any unwanted items are either given away or trashed. As required, arrange for pick up of special trash. Review where you are and take some time for yourself so you don’t get overwhelmed.

  • Collect your important records – gather personal and family records prior to major re-organization.
  • Notify magazines, bills, credit cards, friends and family of your change of address.
  • Arrange for professional installation of various appliances, equipment, and other items as required – Direct TV, Cable, Hot tubs, Pool Tables, entertainment systems, DSL computer connections, ceiling fans, gas grills, antiques, chandeliers, etc. in the new property after settlement.
  • Use up all freezer food, move it empty. Place remaining items on ice on moving da if it is a short distance move..
  • Transfer car registrations, state tags, county tags, town tags.
  • Get parking stickers, if required.
  • Arrange for use of reserved elevator or loading dock (for condos).
  • Arrange for moving access for gated communities.
  • Pack old phone books from old home, stay in touch with old friends
  • Make personal travel arrangements Flights, hotel, car rentals.
  • Make new bank safety deposit box arrangements.
  • Make arrangements to close/transfer old deposit boxes, bank accounts.