Move-In Day

Just like moving out day, keep those snacks and drinks handy for the hungry and thirsty helpers on moving in day. Make sure that a phone is available and working, just in case of an emergency or accident. Plan for an easy lunch or dinner with little clean up or order delivery.

Keep the First Aid Kit handy.

  • Check your belongings carefully and make sure that inventory and paperwork match.
  • Note any damaged items or crushed boxes.
  • Be prepared to pay driver before your possession are unloaded.
  • Supervise unloading and unpacking.
  • Arrive before the movers
  • Clear the paths to each room-it helps to label each room coordinating to boxes.
  • Unpack your car.
  • Review your floor plan
  • Check to ensure utilities are connected.
  • Confine pets to an out of the way area or prearrange for someone to watch them.
  • Tip the movers and van operator – See Tipping Movers