Moving – Two Months Before

Moving is a big task with many things to remember and accomplish. Try any stay organized and don’t lift too much or you may be on the sidelines watching the “fun” with a pulled muscle or worse.

  • Get quotes from moving companies.
  • Get quotes from storage companies, if necessary.
  • Get quotes from truck rental companies, if necessary..
  • Start a file for moving paperwork, receipts and notes.
  • Arrange to transfer school records & registrations by required dates.
  • Choose a mover or truck rental company
  • Figure costs of move: including insurance and extra insurance for individual breakables.
  • Choose a storage company, if necessary.
  • Complete post office and creditor change-of-address cards
  • Subscribe to the newspaper at your new address, it will help you acclimate.
  • Transfer medical records.
  • Transfer dental records
  • Transfer medical prescriptions to new pharmacy
  • Transfer veterinary records
  • Items of value – get appraised prior to move in case of breakage or move yourself.
  • Start using refrigerated food and cleaning supplies up.