One Day Before

Be sure to have some cash, snacks and drinks available. This will make the day go smoother. Eat a nice dinner and reward yourself and family.

  • Set aside all items needed for pet’s travel.
  • Obtain cash or travel checks for trip if long distance move.
  • Dismantle beds, take off mirrors,and take apart other large furniture.
  • Arrange to have your lawn mowed and trimmed.
  • Verify disconnection of utilities and transfer of utilities.
  • Remove any personal items that did not convey.
  • Pack your suitcase for the trip if necessary.
  • Back up computer equipment.
  • Disconnect all equipment not needed.
  • Notify the police if your house will be vacant for security purposes.
  • Obtain multiple directions, addresses, contact information, cell phones for everyone and hand those out to all parties helping move.
  • Leave behind all major appliances information booklets and accessories.
  • Leave behind a forwarding address and contact information for you at your new address or an emergency contact number.
  • Empty refrigerator and freezer, put baking soda inside to keep fresh.
  • Arrange for the moving company payment. Payment must be made at or before your belongings arrive at your new home. Know their policy on payment.