Reduce Clutter

Moving? Preparing to sell your home? If you have lived in your home for some time, you may have things tucked away in closets, attics, basements or extra room storage that may have been there for a long time. There is an old saying “clutter takes on a life of its own”. Preparing to sell and getting ready to move is a great time to deal with it.

Your home will sell faster if the rooms appear larger by having less things in them. Many people rent a storage unit to place the extra items that will have a home in their new larger space. If you will not have enough space in your new home for an item, now is the time to remove it.

So, start by organizing and categorizing items into one of the following groups.

  • Trash
  • Give away
  • Yard Sale
  • Storage
  • Daily use


Mark each box clearly.

Weed-out items you no longer wish to keep or store.

  • Store the items that are in view, but no longer in everyday use.

Organizing your packing will make the moving process much faster. You won’t have boxes spread all over the house in every room and closet. You will have more empty space visible. It is never too early to begin packing for a move.


Things To Remember

  • “Things” are not equivalent to memories of the person who gave them to you.
  • Pruning items with an emotional attachment can be very difficult. Consider carefully if you need the item to have the memory or emotional attachment. You could also pass it on to a family member who would appreciate it as much as you do.
  • If you’re not sure, consider storing items on a trial basis, or giving them to another family member for safekeeping.
  • If you really feel the need to keep an item, don’t fight it.
  • Get rid of old clothing even if it is the size you used to be and hope to return to. Think about instead rewarding yourself with a new items. Donate so someone else could use these items now.
  • Don’t force yourself to keep sets if you only use part of the set. If you cannot break up a set, at least store the portions you do not use.
  • Keeping things just because you might need them someday may seem like a good reason for clogging your closets. Remind yourself that what you really need is space and organization.