Give Away / Yard Sale

A successful yard sale takes a considerable amount of time to plan and execute. You will typically stilll have items left to dispose of after the sale is over. You may want to just donate items to charity. This does have its benefits; items that you donate are typically a tax write-off for thier estimated value. This value is typically more than you could get at a yard sale. You should consider the benefits of donating vs. selling.

Item Yard sale price
Laptop – $900 $300
Lawn Mower – $300 $70

(Note 60% is an estimate – actual write offs vary according to income bracket and other factors) find a Goodwill near you

Purple Heart – picks up items with a scheduled call pick-up, benefits U.S. Veterans.

Many charities have trucks that will come to your home and pick up those items to be given away. Call your local charity to find out.