Room by Room

Work, room by room, and sort items according to “the list”. Items are either Trash, Give Away, Yard Sale, Storage or In use. Work with a single item at a time. Start with a smaller room first. This will give you a feeling of progress.

Start by going through a room and eliminating the “trash” first to make room , then start on the give-away or yard sale and storage items, leaving the in use items in place.

Be sure to have enough packing materials, boxes and containers on hand.


Decide what is really trash – over time things can become broken, useless, or not donatable. Some items can be recycled. . Make sure that items that are considered trash are handled correctly. All “trash”cannot be just thrown in the garbage. You must dispose of hazardous wastes and some other items in a specific way.

Oil, Batteries, Glass, Tires, Wood, Metal, Plastic Check with local government

National Recycling Coalition.

Yard Debris Dead Plants, Wood, Sticks, Leaves Most local trash companies have special pick up for yard debris.
Hazardous Materials
Paint, Oil, Propane tanks, Batteries, Tires, TV, Computer Monitors, any Compressed Bottles, many cleaning supplies & other hazardous items Contact your local government for proper disposal procedures

Most communities have special pick-up days for these yearly.

Trash Broken refrigerators & freezers (you must remove the doors from the hinges for safety), drywall, carpet pieces, useless furniture Most local trash companies can arrange special pickup for large trash items.

Be very careful with hazardous materials! Consider the environment, and remember our children will inherit our mess.