Before you begin this phase, be sure to have enough packing materials, boxes and containers. This will allow you to breeze through this next step with out having to stop and go get supplies.

Have three boxes open & ready to receive an item

  • Give Away
  • Yard Sale
  • Storage – May need several, but still grouped

Determine the give-away, yard sale and storage items. The storage items need to be carefully packed, while the yard sale and storage items can just be moved to the garage or a similar staging area. Remember to use boxes for yard sale and give-away items. It will be easier to move them out of the room you are working in.

Try to handle each item only one time. Decide right away: give-away, yard sale, or storage. If it is a storage item, you may have to handle it multiple times, but where possible, try and place it where it needs to be right away. Having that packing material on hand will really help speed things up overall. If possible work in a team, one person is assigned the task of wrapping, securing an item for storage, while the other person continues working on sorting.

REMEMBER: Personal, Financial, Jewelry, Expensive, and delicate items should be handled first. Otherwise, they could get confused with the other items and get lost, broken, or misplaced. There should be a special grouping of boxes, and storage of these items – preferably, in the master bedroom.

When packing, be careful with different types of items. Placing dissimilar items together, even with packing materials, can result in broken items.

Consolidate remaining items into a single group and place the items where they need to be. What will be left will be the items in daily use and you will have made major progress at this point on this room!

Always provide yourself with an easy stopping point. Once you stop for the day, be sure to throw the trash out right away, as that will help eliminate the feeling to keep these items and just store them. You don’t have to rescue trash, reward yourself with new items when possible.

After you have completed your organization and storing, it will be much easier to see what needs to be cleaned, fixed, or replaced.