Tipping Movers

There are many things to consider when moving. A professional mover is trained to be careful to protect your floors, walls, doorways, and belongings. But, it is unlikely that your move will go perfectly, whether you are moving yourself or paying someone else to do it. Something may get broken. The question are, were they being careless, or was it a genuine accident? Every time I have moved furniture myself, I have caused more damage to my home than movers ever would have. I take this into consideration when I look at accidents.

  • Tip at the completion of the job. Cconsider providing lunch if the move extends over lunch, and always provide beverages for the movers.
  • Tipping guide – One mover – limited move – 1-10 items and nothing over 20 pounds – $10-20
  • One mover – difficult move – The degree of difficulty changes based upon stairs, narrow passages, small elevators, large or heavy items, appliances, etc. – $20-50.
  • Multiple movers – Basically, tip each mover the same as above, but lower it by $5-10 for each mover. Feel free to pool the tip and give it to the supervisor for distribution, but don’t lower the amount because you combined it. The problem with combining the tip is that you cannot reward people based upon their individual performance.
  • Car Shipping – There is not much information available about tipping the truck drivers. $20-25 is probably appropriate.